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Workplace Mental Health and Wellness

Over performing And Pretending to Survive at Work.

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Service Description

The estimated cost of poor mental health in Canadian workplaces is at least $50 billion dollars annually and the number of workers unable to work due to poor mental health is $500,000 /week (Mental Health Commission Canada, 2021). Brandi Heather’s humorous and engaging workshop demonstrates a clear connection between how people feel at work and building a workplace where people want to be. Brandi shares the parallels between her journey as a woman living with mental illness and building a healthy, resilient workplace culture. This workshop will leave you laughing and informed about how poor mental health, chronic stress, and anxiety can have an effect on your personal and professional performance and what to do about it. Discover that when we address mental health, we simultaneously address engagement, productivity, retention, and recruitment – mental health and wellness is a thread in everything we want for our businesses, schools and communities. Brandi’s high-energy, high-impact workshop leaves the audience with actionable strategies and inspirational discussions that last long after your event ends. We address: 1. Over performing And Pretending to Survive at Work 2. Us and Them Thinking – The Effect of Fear on Culture 3. Hide and Seek the Effect of “I Know Something You Don’t Know.” Audience Benefits (ROE Return On Engagement) • Employers and staff recognize the importance of authenticity, dignity, and communication in workplace culture, mental health, and wellness • Leadership Teams address fear and perfection as significant barriers to workplace culture and health and start a plan to do something about it. • Individuals struggling with mental health issues are reminded of the power of hope and connection in healing and surviving

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