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Brandi Heather



for the workplace

Who is this for?:
  • Supervisors and Managers

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing and Communications 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Onboarding and Recruitment Teams

  • Employee Health and Wellness Teams

Why you need it:
  • To reduce high turnover, and absenteeism 

  • To increase collaboration and connection in hybrid settings

  • To retain top talent and lower attrition

  • To build energetic , creative, adaptable teams



What to expect:
  • A guide to building a more inclusive, valued, open, and engaged workplace

  • Increased productivity, organizational commitment, and positive work culture.

  • Content personalized to your needs and goals

  • Energy and laughter

"The question for leaders to ask is no longer, 'how do we bring everyone back to rebuild connection, but rather, 'how do we help workers develop the skills and mindsets to rebuild social connections in a way that works best for them?' (Better Up Labs, 2022)

Workplace Mental Health and Wellness: Building Organizations Where People Want To Be

Brandi Heather’s engaging, and informative  workshop experience connects personal and professional mental health and wellness to workplace belonging and inclusion. 

Brandi shares her journey as a woman living with mental illness and shows you how to build a healthy, resilient workplace culture from the inside out.

Utilizing her process for moving from "Brave Me" to "Brave Business", participants gain insight into the people they work with and for everyday. 


Discover that when we address mental health, we simultaneously address engagement, productivity, and retention.

Brandi’s high-energy, workshop experience reduces the stigma around mental health and leaves participants with actionable strategies for creating a resilient workplace culture built to support mental health and wellbeing for EVERYONE.


Innovation and Inclusion Start With "I" For A Reason: Building A Culture of Connection and Community at Work

When people feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and anxious they are less likely to connect, collaborate and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Research shows that those with lower levels of belonging have "313% stronger intentions to quit and are 176% more likely to search for another job” (Inc. June 2022).


Brandi leads you through three steps to promote creativity and connection throughout your organization.


Brave Me: Explore the individual, diverse strengths and gifts of each person in your organization.


Brave Us: Discover that sharing those strengths improves trust and decreases feelings of isolation.


Brave Business: Discover how to reach your organizational goals by implementing the first two steps in your employee wellness, recruitment, onboarding, retention and customer service strategy.

Building Energized, Creative Teams That Foster Personal and Professional Wellbeing

Work can be hard, don't forget to play! Play is Brandi Heather's signature strategy for thriving personally and professionally.  People often see play as having little purpose at work, but consider what happens when there is no play in our work.

The purpose of play is not instantly noticeable, “but play is like oxygen, you don't notice until it is gone”(S.,Brown2021).

Play is not silliness, it's science. Play is as variable as people themselves. Find out how being “in play” can:

  • Reduce chronic stress and burnout

  • Ignite your imagination and creativity

  • Improve interpersonal relationships

  • Promote mental and physical wellness


Discover what it means for you and your team to be "in play" now and in the future.

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for education


Helping educators find their strengths "in play"

Schools and educators recovering from the effects of the pandemic on their classrooms need to feel cared for, competent, courageous, and creative.

Healing Education:  Getting Educators Back "in Play"


Ideal for school districts, and boards to help reduce educator burnout, and exhaustion and increase resilience and energy. Build  

educator's mental well-being, and passion while: 

  • Recognizing our diverse play FULL strengths as one of the most powerful resources for mental wellbeing

  • Improving collective trust, empathy and creative confidence

  • Transferring the energy  of educators "in play"  into student learning 

This workshop experience will provide your team with a sense of renewal, and strategies to create spaces where you can embrace the play FULL strengths of your educators and staff.



In Community: Creating Disability-Inclusive Programming

This workshop experience helps community sport and recreation leaders  improve their ability to provide inclusive and accessible programming and instruction to every participant. Brandi Heather, Adapted Physical Education and Therapeutic Play Specialist brings 25 years of education and lived experience to this workshop.

  • ​Address common barriers to participation  

  • Provide staff training and knowledge that makes them feel valued and confident

  • Improve the way sport, community, and recreation deliver movement instruction and programming for people of all ages and abilities.

Let's get everyone "in play".


Certification for Early Learning and Childcare Professionals at every level, educators, children and youth program managers and staff, dayhome and daycare providers. Aligned with the FLIGHT Curriculum Framework in Alberta.
Call or email for pricing and discounts for groups over 15 and multiple certificate bookings.



Return to Play

Foundations For Diverse,

Inclusive, Play FULL Programming and Instruction Level 1

In this 6 hour certificate program participants explore how play can build inclusive physical literacy and fundamental movement skills for children of all abilities. This RTP certificate provides easy-to-implement principles that make childcare programming more accessible physically, cognitively, and socially. 


  • Review the inclusivity and adaptability of your current programming and practices

  • Identify ways that you can remove or reduce physical, cognitive or social/emotional barriers to inclusion for children living with disabilities

  • Gain hands-on training through active learning and discovery, in a safe and supportive environment



Diverse, Inclusive, PlayFULL Programming Level 2

In this full-day workshop participants learn to utilize their Level 1 knowledge to practice building and adapting their programming to include both challenge and success to meet the needs of every child. Together we explore several methods for modifying equipment, and instruction to meet the physical, cognitive and social needs of children living with disabilities.

  • Practice adapting several physical Fundamental Movement Skills with instruction

  • Identify ways that you can remove or reduce physical, cognitive or social/emotional barriers to inclusion for children living with disabilities utilizing play-based learning.

  • Apply play-based learning and development principles to their personal teaching style

Unstructured, Adventure

Play, Instruction and Programming Level 1

In this 6-hour introductory certificate program participants explore and recognize the benefits of self-directed, creative, child-led, unstructured play for child development and learning. Unstructured play allows children the freedom to explore, create and discover without predetermined rules or guidelines, but it can be hard to allow it to happen in structured spaces. Come find your comfort zone for unstructured play while learning how to implement it it your planning.

  • Connect the value of unstructured play to child holistic development goals

  • Reflect on how their your play experiences and  preferences affect the way you approach unstructured play

Unstructured, Adventure

Play, Instruction and Programming Level 2

Level 2 training builds on Level 1 skills and knowledge by helping childcare and education professionals assess, build and practice creating daily and weekly planning that includes safe AND adventurous unstructured play.  

  • Assesses play as a tool for building children’s confidence, physical and cognitive strengths and compassion.

  • Explore practical ways to add more unstructured play to your practice and help parents to understand why it is so important.

  • Design opportunities for unstructured adventure play based on equipment and resources you already have

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