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Known for her humor, powerful energy and 25+ years of experience as a College Professor and Therapeutic Play Specialist, she is driving innovation, inclusion and productivity in the caring workforce by tackling fatigue, burnout disengagement and disconnection utilizing the science of play.

With a comprehensive background spanning 25 years in human services and education, her qualifications include a Master's Degree in Physical Education, a B.Ed. in Special Education, a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, and Advanced Certification in Play Therapy.

Brandi has taught thousands of individuals around the world how to recognize the strength and abilities in others by knowing first what makes then feel included, motivated, confident and courageous.

She is a four-time nominee for The Women's Entrepreneurship Award and a Nominee for This Years RBC Women of Influence Award.

In 2021her first book Return To Play: Rebuilding Resilience, Risk and Reconnection, became a best-seller in Educational Leadership and Inclusive Education.

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clients include

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The Brave Three

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Everything that lasts is built from the inside out.

Brave Me


Brave me explores the individual, diverse strengths and gifts of each person in your organization and uncovers what makes them feel included, valued, motivated and playful. 

Brave Us


Bravely share your diverse strengths and talents with the people you work with and for every day. Discover that sharing those improves trust and authentic collaboration and decreases feelings of isolation and disconnection.

Brave Community


Discover how to reach your organizational goals by implementing the first two steps in your employee wellness, recruitment, onboarding, retention and customer service strategy.

something for 




 Revealing the secrets to workplace mental health, employee experience, inclusion, and innovation.



Providing consulting and special projects in all of the following areas:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Play Strategy and Training

  • Disability, Diversity, and Inclusion


Author + Podcaster

Knowledge is best shared! 

If you have been wondering "why play?", or "how can play create change?" the answers are shared here:

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