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The Brave Three

Everything that lasts is built from the inside out.

Brave Me


Brave me explores the individual, diverse strengths and gifts of each person in your organization and uncovers what makes them feel included, valued, motivated and playful. 

Brave Us


Bravely share your diverse strengths and talents with the people you work with and for every day. Discover that sharing those improves trust and authentic collaboration and decreases feelings of isolation and disconnection.

Brave Community


Discover how to reach your organizational goals by implementing the first two steps in your employee wellness, recruitment, onboarding, retention and customer service strategy.

Brandi Heather

my experience  

People ask "what is your experience?" 


My introduction to disability inclusion was with my dad. When I was 12 my dad was diagnosed with MS, and I spent many years finding creative solutions to help him “access” spaces before accessibility was a hashtag. I often used a pool noodle and a piece of plywood (anything I could find ) to build accessible spaces for him.


I’m still doing that; physical , social and emotional access to spaces where people want to get to and be, including me.


I hold a Master's Degree in Physical Education, A B.Ed in Special Education, a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, and Advanced Certification in Play Therapy. 

In 1998 I started my career as a college professor in Kinesiology and Sport Studies specializing in adapted physical education and disability inclusion. 



Twenty years later I left the world of “college professor” to start a journey into entrepreneurship. I am a four-time nominee for The Women's Entrepreneurship Award I am now the CEO of my own company B Subscript 3 Incorporated.

In 2021 my first book Return To Play: Rebuilding Resilience, Risk and Reconnection, became a best-seller in Educational Leadership and Inclusive Education.

The research will tell you experience is the greatest teacher. I do not  "do" a keynote or "run" a workshop, I create an experience where people are a part of the moment. 

I have two great kids, 15 and 21, and an awesome husband. They have taught me as much about the importance of play as anyone. You can often find me “in play” with my headphones on, singing and dancing at the construction site close to home, it's where I play unfiltered. 

something for 



 Revealing the secrets to workplace mental health, employee experience, inclusion, and innovation.



Providing consulting and special projects in all of the following areas:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Play Strategy and Training

  • Disability, Diversity, and Inclusion

Let's work together


Author + Podcaster

Knowledge is best shared! 

If you have been wondering "why play?", or "how can play create change?" the answers are shared here:


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