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The research will tell you experience is the greatest teacher. I do not  "do" a keynote or "run" a workshop, I create an experience where people are a part of the moment. 

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Stigma or Superpower?

 Where Mental Health & Play Fit Into the Workplace


"The estimated cost of poor mental health in Canadian workplaces is at least $50 billion dollars annually and the number of workers unable to work due to poor mental health is $500,000 /week" (Mental Health Commission Canada, 2021) –but Brandi is on a mission to help shift this, and it’s working!

Steer your organization into the future with this informative, hilarious talk that shifts “stigma” to “strength” and helps us uncover our hidden superpowers through her “Brave Me, Brave Us, Brave Business” model. 

Indulge in Brandi Heather’s signature humor as she sheds light on an uncomfortable subject that has organizations across the world reframing coping, courage and connection. Find out how her extraordinary experience as a College Professor, Therapeutic Play Specialist, Entrepreneur and person living with mental illness has given Brandi the fastrack to helping solve some of the most valuable problems surrounding mental health inclusion and innovation in the workplace today.


You’ll leave changed, and ready to help shift the world for others too!

Healing Our Caring Systems:

Rebuilding Resilience, Risk and Connection

Brandi offers a collaborative new lens for compassion-led workforces to THRIVE. Taking care of others professionally is rewarding and challenging, and people in frontline services often struggle to balance survival with thriving. So who is taking care of people who take care of people?

This keynote restores and reignites people in human services, healthcare and education by  giving them back the goodness they want and give to others. 

This interactive, action-packed keynote gives participants strategies for increased personal and professional confidence and creativity, leading to greater organizational effectiveness and empowered workplace cultures.

Known for her humor, powerful energy and 25+ years of experience as a College Professor and Therapeutic Play Specialist, Brandi Heather is inspiring people who take care of people to return to play.

Discover how to help yourself and those around you to feel significantly more competent, courageous and creative. Brilliant, heartwarming and inspiring, this is one talk you don't want to miss!

The Science (and Profitability)

of Play

What do leading organizations in their industries like Zappos, Microsoft and IDEO have in common? 


They ‘make room for play’ because they know there’s a direct correlation between profit, innovation and allowing their employees the time and space to get creative, playful and explore solutions “outside the status quo”.

Discover three steps to building a creative, courageous, connected workforce  that stays longer and plays.

Join top-ranking organizations who are pushing the envelope in their industries by getting an expert-backed introduction to what it means to include play, and where you’ll see the biggest benefits (and profits) by giving your teams this counterintuitive competitive edge.

Time-out: How Lack of Inclusion (and Play) is Costing Your Company Millions


Why does feeling “included” impact our ability to do our jobs? Beyond the interpersonal benefits of feeling safe, valued and “belonging” in team settings, find out how the sneaky cost of exclusion may be responsible for an alarming amount of sick days, retention and low performance/effort in your staff members (and leaders!). 


And don’t look now, but these costs may be pouring over to your customer service, where easy-sales and opportunities to build customer loyalty are being left on the table because employees are afraid to speak up, express themselves or aren’t feeling included in organizational efforts.  


Find out how other progressive organizations have made their way through these challenges and have been driving productivity, engagement and profit (by 17-20%; Gallop 2021) by incorporating play, inclusion and diversity into their workplace cultures. Lean into the brilliance that is Brandi Heather as she guides you through a quick-witted, highly-immersive experience that convinces even the most traditional of us to widen our understanding of inclusion and drive meaningful change in our workplace cultures.

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Have a specific idea or topic in mind? 

 I speak to a variety of custom topics including Women in Business, Leadership, Post-Secondary Education, Teacher Education, and Employee Wellness.
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