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The research will tell you experience is the greatest teacher. I do not  "do" a keynote or "run" a workshop, I create an experience where people are a part of the moment. 

The Key to Workplace Mental Health and Wellness:

Lessons From The Patient Lens


"The estimated cost of poor mental health in Canadian workplaces is at least $50 billion dollars annually and the number of workers unable to work due to poor mental health is $500,000 /week" (Mental Health Commission Canada, 2021).


Brandi Heather’s humorous and engaging talk demonstrates a clear connection between how people connect and collaborate after a crisis and her journey as a person living with mental illness. 

This keynote will leave you laughing and informed about how poor mental health, chronic stress, and anxiety can be affecting your personal and professional performance and how to prevent it.


Discover that when we reduce the stigma around mental health, we simultaneously address engagement, productivity, belonging and productivity for EVERYONE.

Healing Our Caring Systems:

Rebuilding Resilience, Risk and Reconnection

What we want most for clients is what we first need to give the people who care for them everyday.
EVERYTHING flows through them!

If we want clients to feel this:
• Cared for
• Competent to make their own decisions and learning strategies
• Courageous enough to try new things, fall down and get back up
• Collaborative and safe to communicate their needs and their voice
• Creative enough to imagine outside their wildest expectations

then we need to also give this back to the people who work with and heal them every day.

Come prepared to laugh, connect and reconnect to the strengths and gifts that get weighed down by uncertainty, overwhelm and the unpredictable.

The Solution is Always In Play. Building Energized, Creative Teams That Foster Personal and Professional Wellbeing


Work can be hard, don't forget to play!

Play is Brandi Heather's signature strategy for thriving personally and professionally. 

Watch children play - they don't have to tell you they are playing - you know. When you are "in play" you will know it. 

Play is not silliness, it's science. Play is as variable as people themselves. Find out how being “in play” can:


Reduce chronic stress and burnout

Ignite your imagination and creativity

Improve interpersonal relationships

Promote mental and physical wellness


Discover what it means for you to be "in play" now and in the future.


Let Therapeutic Play and Inclusion Specialist Brandi Heather help you stay in the game by returning to play.

Braving Connection: Creating Collaborative Communities That Flourish 


Want this? Companies with the most engaged employees were 22% more profitable than those with the least engaged employees (Gallop 2021).

Do this: Figure out the effect of massive change and challenge on connection and collaboration in your workplace and support people to brave connection again.

There are reasons people are feeling disconnected and disengaged that cannot be solved with surveys and office parties. 

When people are faced with new, unfamiliar and changing circumstances they stop communicating and collaborating in order to "protect" themselves. This is totally natural - it's moving forward that takes practice.

This keynote is full of creative solutions for  learning what makes people feel safe, valued, included and motivated. Move forward together  by getting to know what really matters to people.

let's talk about it

Have a specific idea or topic in mind? 

 I speak to a variety of custom topics including Women in Business, Leadership, Post-Secondary Education, Teacher Education, and Innovation.
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