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"Brandi truly invoked change, immediate change where the attendees implement her suggestions on the spot, without hesitation and throughout the rest of the conference; they were considering ways to bring it  back to their communities before the day was over."

Elizabeth Reekie, Sports and Program Director, Special Olympics Alberta

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Watch the audience change right before your eyes, take a collective breath and laugh out loud.​


With over 25 years of experience in education, human services, and healthcare, Brandi possesses a unique mastery for reinvigorating the heartbeat of caring organizations.

She brings an innovative and fresh approach to counteract fatigue, burnout, and disengagement; the science of play and playfulness.

NEW: You Can't Play in A Show Home: Restore, Retain, and Re-engage Your Caring Workforce

Many people and organizations appear to have everything "in place", like a show home with perfectly placed pillows and fingerprint-free appliances. However, maintaining a show home takes energy, and often causes anxiety and stress.

Gain profound insight into how living a ‘show home’ life can erode our ability to take care of ourselves and do our best work and the ramifications of neglecting one's playful side; a loss that extends to our ability to cope, connect, and create.
We will unpack the transformative power of play in human services and healthcare and incorporate more of what inspires, motivates, and ignites creativity within  your team for successful staff recruitment, retention, and re-engagement

Taking Care of People Who Have The Answers: The Art of Taking Our Own Advise

People who spend their days untangling the knots of anxiety, burnout, disconnection, and the quest for mental wellness in others, are often sidestepping  their own well-being.

Laugh out loud about irony that the experts equipped with all the tools to architect our own serene existence, somehow manage to dodge doing just that.

Discover that you can navigate back-to-back crises and create innovative solutions when you find your playful, creative nature and strengths. 

Personalized Employee Experiences: Creating Collaborative Workplace Communities That Flourish


Want this? Companies with the most engaged employees were 22% more profitable than those with the least engaged employees (Gallop 2021)​

Do this: Figure out the effect of massive change and challenge on connection and collaboration in your workplace and support people to brave connection again.

There are reasons people are feeling disconnected and disengaged that cannot be solved with surveys and office parties. When people are faced with new, unfamiliar and changing circumstances they stop communicating and collaborating in order to “protect” themselves.

This is totally natural – it’s moving forward that takes practice. This conference keynote is full of creative solutions for learning what makes people feel safe, valued, included and motivated. Move forward together by getting to know what really matters to the people you work with and for.

Stigma or Superpower? Where Mental Health & Play Fit Into the Workplace

Steer your organization into the future with this informative, hilarious talk that shifts “stigma” to “strength” and helps us uncover our hidden superpowers through her “Brave Me, Brave Us, Brave Business” model. 

Indulge in humour as your team reflects on uncomfortable subjects and reframe coping, courage and connection.


Get the fast track to helping solve some of the most valuable problems surrounding mental health inclusion and innovation in the workplace today.

You’ll leave changed, and ready to help shift the world for others too!

Healing Our Caring Systems: Rebuilding Resilience, Risk and Connection


So who is taking care of people who take care of people?


This brilliantly engaging talk uses a collaborative new lens for compassion-led workforces to THRIVE. Taking care of others professionally is rewarding and challenging, and people in frontline services often struggle to balance survival with thriving.

Restore and reignite your people in human services, healthcare and education by showing them that what they want most for others they need to give themselves. Leave with strategies for increased personal and professional confidence and creativity and organizational effectiveness.

Something custom:

Not everything fits into a standard box

As a play specialist and CEO, I have a huge toolbox of resources and understanding of caregivers, people and workplaces and the ramifications of neglecting one's playful side; a loss that extends to our ability to cope, connect, create and ultimately thrive.

Let's work together to explore the needs of your team and create an engaging keynote designed for you. 

let's talk about it

Have a specific idea or topic in mind? 

I speak to a variety of custom topics including Women in Business, Leadership, Post-Secondary Education, Teacher Education, and Employee Wellness.

what clients say:

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Alice Hink

Kansas School Counsellors Conference

It was an incredible we were thrilled with the keynote and breakout session. She makes us stop and think about how to take care of ourselves, it was so fun and memorable.


I would highly recommend Brandi for your conference she will leave people uplifted and joyful, it is an incredible start to any conference.

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Vanessa Klettke

Superintendent, Finance & Business - Treasurer


The session was amazing and we still joke about being the shapes we are and it definitely brought us closer together so thank you for that!


The program was just what we needed without knowing we needed it.


It was like you “got” us.

Thank you 

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Elizabeth Reekie

Special Olympics Alberta



I can easily say that 2 weeks after the event people are still talking actively about the keynote and are interested in attending next year and we project these conversations will continue.


The Keynote was a huge hit and fit our unique group of conference attendees perfectly!

"The estimated cost of poor mental health in Canadian workplaces is at least $50 billion dollars annually and the number of workers unable to work due to poor mental health is $500,000 /week"


(Mental Health Commission Canada, 2021) 

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