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with Brandi

Contact Brandi to find out how play, profit, inclusion and innovation will play a role in your organization's next greatest chapter… 

Known for her humor, intelligence and 25+ years experience as a College Professor and Therapeutic Play Specialist, Brandi Heather brings a unique and valuable perspective to organizations who are struggling to ignite change from the inside out.  With an emphasis on mental health, diversity and the hidden superpower of creativity, courage and connection – Brandi powerfully transforms stigmas into strengths and leaves entire teams transformed with a sense of wonder and purpose-driven innovation. 


She has worked with countless organizations across North America to help reverse the effects of lost-profit, talent and retention through her remarkable speeches, workshops and trainings; often being invited back several times a year to help integrate new policies, staff and opportunities. Her clients include: Hyatt Hotels,Alberta Health Services, ALIGN Association of Community Services, School Age Care Directors Association of Alberta, BGC (Formerly The Boys and Girls Club), University of Calgary, PL3Y International and The Ivey School of Business - Western University.

Choosing and working with the right speaker should be easy. Brandi makes it easy to keep all the information you need to know handy with her downloadable speaker kits (links to download)

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 HR Reps and Directors praise Brandi as “the missing link” in their efforts to unify and streamline workplaces; Educators and CEO’s call on her to help SHIFT STIGMAS and IGNITE INNOVATION. 

What will she do for you?

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