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lasting results

Companies and organizations who play together, stay together! 

Brandi Heather’s Workshop Experiences are inspiring leaders and participants to uncover innovative solutions hidden in their own workplaces, staff members and resources. What can a single day (or week long immersive experience) do for your organization? Find out how Brandi’s innovative and immersive Workshop Experiences are changing the game for organizations from the inside out.

Results you can count on:
  • Higher participation, inclusion and contribution 

  • Increased productivity, profit and innovation

  • Greater retention, loyalty and resiliency 

  • Reduced turnover, attrition and absenteeism 

  • Creative, energized and adaptive teams.

Best suited for:

Progressive, forward-thinking and innovative organizations who are ready to try something new. Brandi is often specifically hired by Supervisors, Managers, HR (Human Resource) Representatives, Educators, Team Leaders, Employee Health and Wellness Teams, Onboarding and Recruitment Teams, Entrepreneurs,  and Associations. Each workshop is personalized to meet your organization's goals and values. 

Participants of all ages leave Brandi’s Workshops inspired, energized and smiling: ready to apply new insights to previously challenging problems… invite Brandi to lead your group and see the impact for yourself.

workshops for

productivity & innovation

“Playful, Productive and PROFITABLE

If you’re not already including the benefits of Play Science in your hiring, retention and innovation policies, your company may be leaving money on the table. But where does “play” fit into the workplace if for most of us it appears to be the opposite of "real  work",  foolish, unproductive or unfocused.


Far from “unproductive” –play allows leaders and employees untethered space to innovate, improve and develop new insights into complex problems. It allows us to let go of perfectionism and foster a sense of connection with those around us. Play drives collaboration, creativity, wellbeing, engagement and yes... profit!


Today, some of the most innovative companies aren’t asking for IQ and SAT scores, they’re asking their best candidates how did you play as a child (NASA), and how can you build something from nothing.


So how can you unleash the power of play in your own workplace, without fear of kick-back from Managers and stressed employees?  Trust in Brandi Heather, and her signature strategy to guide you through this stigma-busting, giggle-inducing and revenue-boosting workshop that will mark the beginning of a very productive new era for you and your teams. 


Inclusion & Innovation Begin With "I": Improving Workplace Culture

If you’ve noticed your employees are racking up more sick days than “wins” lately and it  seems like people are disconnected, distracted, and uninspired  you’ve probably got a bad case of a creativity and connection-starved workplace.  If declining sales, staff retention and toxic office politics are filling up your calendar, it is time to change.


People who don’t feel like they belong, are valued or understood don’t contribute. The worst part? The problem will keep getting worse before it gets better. Employees who lack a sense of belonging are 313% more likely to quit and 176% more likely to search for another job (Inc. June 2022) –costing you valuable staffing resources AND setting team goals back until you can find a replacement. 


But fear not! Brandi gives organizations a clearcut model that can be used to bring back a valuable sense of inclusion and innovation through her renowned “Brave Me, Brave Us, Brave Business” approach –which turns individual strengths into team-wide superpowers. Organizations rely on this model to help them adapt employee wellness, recruitment, onboarding, retention and customer service strategies in powerful ways.

workshops for

embracing authenticity

Recognize Authenticity: Understand the crucial role of genuine interactions in fostering a nurturing work environment.

Tackle Fear & Perfectionism: Overcome barriers that hinder creativity and innovation.

Embrace the Power of Play: Rediscover play as a tool for wellness, teamwork, and inclusion.

Transition from "Show Home"to Innovation Playground: Identify and rectify traits that hold back personal and professional growth.

Foster a Playful, Creative Environment: Master techniques to bring innovation, inclusivity, and connection to your workplace.

“You can't play in a showhome" 
Restore, Retain, and Re-engage Your Caring Workforce

Many people and organizations appear to have everything "in place", like a show home with perfectly placed pillows and fingerprint-free appliances. However, maintaining a show home takes energy, and often causes anxiety and unnecessary stress. The perfect show home is not flexible and open to change, it is pretty to look at but not functional, and it’s certainly not fun.

In this interactive full day workshop Brandi unpacks the transformative power of play in the professional world of human services and healthcare. She will highlight how understanding the essence of play – what inspires, motivates, and ignites creativity within your team – is pivotal for successful staff recruitment, retention, and re-engagement.


“You can't play in a showhome" 
Women in leadership

Navigating the business world, women often grapple with the pressure to maintain a "Show Home" facade—impeccably polished yet stifling their genuine personality and potential. In this impactful keynote, Brandi Heather delves into the transformative power of authenticity and creativity for women in business. Highlighting the pitfalls of perfection and the strength in genuine self-expression, Brandi crafts a compelling roadmap for women to lead with confidence, embrace their unique strengths, and shatter outdated norms.


Through her personal journey, she offers both cautionary tales and inspiring insights, emphasizing that true success lies in authenticity, innovation, and meaningful connections to who we really are.

"Play is the greatest untapped, universal human resource we have"

Brandi Heather

workshops for

healthcare & wellbeing

Know Your Team, Build Your Team, Keep Your Team  

In a world where the caring workforce tirelessly dedicate themselves to the well-being of others, it is time to shine a light on their  needs and aspirations. Reduce fatigue, burnout,  disengagement and disconnection, by finding out what makes them feel included, motivated, connected and capable. We shift the focus from clients to the practitioners recognizing that what they want most for the people they serve is what they also need for their own growth and fulfillment. 


Restore and reengage courage, creativity and connection in your compassionate workforce . Discover key core and shared values that will strengthen even the most strained organizations, and set them on course for a new era of taking care of people who take care of people.

This eye-opening, high-energy  6 hour workshop leaves participants with actionable strategies that help them build organizations where people can’t wait to come to work provide optimal care for others by taking care of themselves. 

certificates for

leaders in human resources

Fostering Multigenerational Innovation, Inclusion, and Agility in the Workplace

Revitalize your HR career and workplace culture with our 21-hour certificate program. Designed to combat the burnout 98% of HR professionals face, this program focuses on promoting adaptable, inclusive workplaces, improving employee engagement, and enhancing personal wellness. Learn to foster innovation, attract diverse talent, and guide employee motivation, while prioritizing your own holistic wellbeing.

This certificate program is best suited for in person engagement, but can be offered in a hybrid model. 


Your Multigenerational Facilitation Team:

With 17 years between them and a diverse skillset Brandi Heather and Ken King, Founder of Boost Innovation, have been presenting and facilitating programs and training for sport, education, health, and business for over 10 years.

Approved by the Chartered Professional in Human Resources of Alberta for 21 CPD credits.

Funding available under the Canada Alberta Job Grant

"Brandi Exceeded our expectations, very engaging. She shared useful techniques and strategies that participants could implement. Gave us enough information to reflect on, and activities to do as a group later. Everyone was engaged as we were all in play, in such a big group this is amazing."

Erika Brockmeyer, Regional Management Services- Regional Recruitment Team

Strategic Services Branch-Western Canada and Territories Region

Service Canada / Government of Canada

workshops for

schools & communities

“It’s Everyone's Turn”: Creating Disability-Inclusive Programming

Built for Educators, Coaches, Community Sport and Recreation Leaders this workshop delivers a “game changing” perspective that is helping to create a deeper sense of inclusion and accessible programming in communities across the country. Brandi Heather is an Adapted Physical Education and Therapeutic Play Specialist that brings over 25 years of education and lived experience to this workshop that leaves participants feeling inspired and ready to empower others through:


  • Addressing common barriers to participation  

  • Providing staff training and knowledge that makes them feel valued and confident

  • Improving the way sport, community, and recreation deliver movement instruction and programming for people of all ages and abilities.


Watch membership rates soar, client/staff retention improve and student-based participation reach new heights when everyone feels truly included, valued and considered. What shifts are waiting to happen in your organization, and how will you help set the tone for others in your area?

“Healing Education”: Getting Educators Back in Play

Rejuvenate your teachers, school boards and districts with this highly effective workshop that helps reverse the effects of burnout and exhaustion in our education system. Give your members a renewed sense of energy, resilience, passion and tools for mental well-being by helping them uncover their hidden “play styles” and why it has such an incredible benefit on them, their students and their support staff. 


  • Improve trust, empathy and creativity 

  • Uncover the hidden skills and talents of educators

  • Promote greater educator well-being

  • Encourage play-first learning styles (for everybody!)   


This workshop experience gives you all the pieces you need to uncover incredibly impactful (and often overlooked) strengths in your staff members, and show you first-hand strategies to foster spaces of play, innovation and inclusion.

Return to Play


Certification for Before and After School Care, Early Learning and Childcare Professionals, Child and Youth Organizations, Dayhome and Daycare Providers at every level.  Aligned with the FLIGHT Curriculum Framework in Alberta.

Details and Pricing HERE

Foundations For Diverse,
Inclusive, Play FULL Programming and Instruction Level 1

In this 6 hour certificate program participants explore how play can build inclusive physical literacy and fundamental movement skills for children of all abilities. This RTP certificate provides easy-to-implement principles that make childcare programming more accessible physically, cognitively, and socially. ​


Unstructured, Adventure Play, Instruction and Programming Level 1

In this 6-hour introductory certificate program participants explore and recognize the benefits of self-directed, creative, child-led, unstructured play for child development and learning. Unstructured play allows children the freedom to explore, create and discover without predetermined rules or guidelines, but it can be hard to allow it to happen in structured spaces. Come find your comfort zone for unstructured play while learning how to implement it it your planning.

Diverse, Inclusive, PlayFULL Programming Level 2

In this full-day workshop participants learn to utilize their Level 1 knowledge to practice building and adapting their programming to include both challenge and success to meet the needs of every child. Together we explore several methods for modifying equipment, and instruction to meet the physical, cognitive and social needs of children living with disabilities.

Unstructured, Adventure Play, Instruction and Programming Level 2

Level 2 training builds on Level 1 skills and knowledge by helping childcare and education professionals assess, build and practice creating daily and weekly planning that includes safe AND adventurous unstructured play.  ​


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