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Brandi Heather with her arms up

retain, restore & re-engage your team

driving innovation, inclusion & productivity

People who feel connected, courageous and safe to be creative are more innovative, inclusive and productive. They are "in play".

Tackling high turnover, burnout, disengagement and disconnection with high energy, high-impact keynotes and workshops utilizing the serious science of play. 

Improve inclusion, foster mental well-being, increase productivity, drive innovative ideas, engagement and improve your bottom line.

where this matters

Social belonging is a fundamental human need, it directly affects our physical and mental health. When you feel you belong, you will share it.

in the workplace

For businesses 

The employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your organization. It includes all the interactions an employee has with your organization before, during, and after their time with you. It shapes employees' perceptions of your organization and directly affects employee engagement, wellbeing, and your bottom line. 

Find out how to keep your team "in play".

in human services

For education and health

What we want most for the people we care for and teach is what we need to first give our educators, caregivers, and human service providers.  

Everything flows through them.

Find out how being “in play”, cared for, competent, courageous, and creative can improve mental wellbeing, resilience, and self-care for people caring for people.

for communities

For non-profit

Value and utilize the diverse individual and collective strengths of people as the foundation for organizational success. Discover how to reach your goals utilizing the science of play as a tool for professional development, recruitment, onboarding, retention and program development.

Create a space where people don't have to ask "do you love what you are doing?"

They just know.

Build knowledge and people

Restore and Reengage your workforce

Kim Randall, Associate Director Executive MBA Recruitment & Admissions – Ivey Business School Western University

Brandi came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Through thoughtful, inspiring and curated content, she made instant and deep connections with all participants ... Brandi is warm, engaging and supportive and offers a safe space for leaders at all levels to be vulnerable, reflect and grow.

Maureen Topp,

Manager of Licensed Programs

BGC Cochrane & Area

“Brandi is one of our secret weapons for our success in our clubs over the last while (we are bursting at the seams with both kids and staff)! She is one of the most incredible Educators I have ever worked with. Brandi is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to inspiring others whether that be other educators, businesses, or corporations to create inclusive, diverse, and positive work  (and play) environments.” 

Nicole McFadyen, Practice & Policy

ALIGN Association of Community Services

"Brandi engaged a room full of 240 people into stopping to play and understanding the importance of play in the work we do. She was professional and engaged from the moment we reached out and was able to tailor the presentation specific to our members. Her ongoing support during promotion/and social media engagement was like no other we've experience with other keynotes presenters. We will defiantly be accessing her services again  in the future."

Let's start here:

Brandi Heather headshot picture

Hi, I'm

Brandi Heather

Hi, I'm Brandi Heather

From college professor to CEO and play strategist, I share 25 years of education and lived experience in disability inclusion, mental health, and therapeutic play.


My expertise may appear "disconnected" but Inclusion and play share many common threads . People are often afraid to approach both in fear of what other people will think. We have preconceived ideas about what they mean, and yet the definition of each is personal and changes throughout our life.

They both have the power to make a significant change in our personal and professional heath, and when we are denied either we can feel lost and disconnected.

My research and experience show that being "in play" is one of the most vital, science-based tools for improving your personal and professional mental health, resilience, and creative drive.

Come out and play for a change.

read about it

Can play be the answer to some of our most significant and complex social challenges of the 21st Century?

No one cures cancer, solves environmental challenges, or builds inclusion without the ability to play in the unknown and unexplored. Play gives us the inspiration and courage to confront, “what do we do when no one has the answer?”

Join me on this journey as I show you that play is worth risking a little of yourself to become more yourself in the process.

It’s time to return to play.

Beandi Heather's book Return to Play




+listen to this

play for a change podcast


Let's fall down and get messy again...


Play is practice for life. This podcast is dedicated to finding and igniting the power of play as a catalyst for change. Find out how to play is linked to our mental health and wellness, and how play changed my life and the lives of others. Find out what being "in play" means for you and  change the landscape for personal and professional mental health, productivity and performance.

This playground is for everyone.

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