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Three Ways to Know if You Are "In Play"

When was the last time you did something so good, that gave you so much joy, that you lost track of time?

I don’t mean that you put your phone down or didn’t look at the clock; I mean you didn’t care about the time.

In this moment you were fully engaged and enraptured.

I’m going to give you a minute here because, for some people, it has been a while.

You see, play is this wonderfully universal thing … you can travel anywhere in the world and see people play – all people. It is one of the universal pieces of our shared humanity. You don’t need language to share it or vision to see it. It has its own heartbeat, but we can lose touch with it under the weight of the seriousness of life.

“In play” is where you often feel confident, creative and courageous, however being “in play” means something different to everyone.

Here are 3 ways to know if you are "in play":

What you are doing is voluntary. This is something you choose; no one can tell you that you have to play. If you feel burdened by the ask or the task, you are not “in play.”

What you are doing feels timeless. When you are in play, it has a sense of timelessness. You will often say, “Where did the time go?” or “I haven’t looked at my phone for hours!”

Either by yourself or in a crowd of a thousands people, when you are “in play,”you feel that you are meant to be there; the play leaves you feeling this is where I belong.

Play for many people is risky business, and often touted as a four letter word (which it is lol). In play you often risk a little of yourself to become more yourself in the process.

Play is as variable as people themselves; holding it down to a single definition and framework negates the purpose. When you see it, when you feel it, you will know it is play.

“Play is how we revel in change, agility and create placidity … play is the root of creative confidence. Play is curiosity, wonder, discovery, invention, empathy, connection, and invitation.” – Kevin Carroll

If you are wondering about your playful nature, take my 2 minute play quiz, and see the shape of your play.

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