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Connection and Community at Work

Disclaimer Before you read this - forget everything you think play is. Take a deep breath

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“There's a lot at stake for organizations when battling something like The Great Resignation. Individuals who experience lower connection in the workplace have 73% less engagement than highly-connected peers. Those with lower levels of belonging have a 313% stronger intention to quit and are 176% more likely to be seriously searching for another job. The talent is less likely to have passion for their jobs, lagging in performance and quality collaboration. Having work friendships can directly help prevent attrition” . Address: Employee retention, collaboration, productivity and wellbeing This workshop will provide you with inspiring and strategic tools for creating workplace environments that ignite belonging, innovation and connection. When people feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and anxious they are less likely to connect, collaborate and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Research shows that those with lower levels of belonging have a 313% stronger intentions to quit and are 176% more likely to searching for another job” (Inc. June 2022). Brandi leads you through three eye opening steps to help you to promote inclusion and innovation in your organization: Brave Me: How to uncover the diverse strengths and talents of people the people we work with and for Brave Us: How to share those strengths and talents with others and consider different perspectives. Brave Business: Discover how the the first two steps affect customer service, retention and recruitment This energizing workshop is full of ah-ha moments and practical ways to get your team moving together creatively.

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